Our Philosophy


Mend is about the many parts of ourselves. The parts we hold dear and the parts we do not. 

Mend is about acknowledging the complexities of life — all that it is to be human and in a world that holds everything and that at some points, feels like too much.

We hold that the body needs support. That when we have pain it is hard to feel anything else. That minds need meaning and content and relationship and that bodies need to feel and to hold and be loved.

Most who come to us feel like they’re missing something. That they should feel more happiness, less pain, more meaning, more love.

They come to us from lives that look perfect, but feel empty or from lives that seem to be falling apart. We see individuals that hurt, couples who feel lost, families that have suffered.

What we hold is that healing is intrinsic to life. That what is needed is a reminder of a way to feel the life around and inside of us. That we need a path to walk and a friend to hold our hand.

We speak about trauma at Mend because trauma is what separates us from this pulse. We say trauma, but we mean loss and rupture and missed expectations, frustration, meaninglessness, pain, helplessness and hurt. Trauma disconnects us. Healing is the process of reconnection.

To mend is to restore wholeness to something that is already whole, but has lost the connection to all of its parts.

When we seek reconnection we seek someone or something with answers. When we connect we become whole.

At Mend, we hold that for all there can be healing and wholeness after trauma. We have only to realize our need for reconnection to find that all the parts of ourselves were always, already whole.