For Professionals & Practitioners

Somatic Tracking and Techniques

For Mental Health Professionals

Offered a few times throughout the year. Visit Workshops & Support for availability.

Class Description

Mend Therapy was founded with the idea that true collaboration between touch therapists and psychotherapists offers the best hope for people affected by trauma to heal.

Research consistently points to the need for somaticly oriented tracking and intervention in the treatment and care of those affected by trauma. Join Co-Founder of Mend Therapy, Kevin McCarthy, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Certified Advanced Rolfer as he offers his own expert insights into the somatic world of trauma.

This workshop will give you the skills to:

  • develop and tune your somatic tracking skills to accurately follow the physiological shifts that occur in your clients when working with trauma

  • work with somatic mindfulness, allowing you to engage with the body in meaningful and effective ways that help mitigate overwhelm, increase interoception and enhance you feelings of confidence and effectiveness when working with the body

This workshop will offer movement and awareness exercises all therapists can use in practice. Touch will be discussed as an intervention, but is not a required element of these methods.

Trauma-Informed Care

For Touch Practitioners

Offered a few times throughout the year. Visit Workshops & Support for availability.

Class Description

The field of massage and bodywork has just begun to understand the importance of a trauma-informed perspective in the treatment and management of client symptoms and complaints. Yet with the cultural interest and awareness of the impact of trauma increasing everyday, it is no longer an option to ignore this essential component of client care.

But what does it mean to be trauma-informed as a touch therapist? What does a trauma-informed touch therapy session look like? Kevin McCarthy, a Somatic Experiencing Practioner and Advanced Rolfer with 10+ years of clinical experience offers concrete answers to these questions in a workshop that will combine teachings on the latest neuroscience affecting our understanding of the impact of trauma as well as practical knowledge to shape your thoughts and approach to recognizing and working with trauma when it shows up on the table.

Expect to leave this workshop feeling comfortable with the definition of trauma and its clinical presentation as it relates to all versions of touch therapy, from massage to physical therapy. You’ll have new techniques and a better understanding of what to do when trauma shows up on the table. This workshop will include lecture and hands-on demonstration.