Fees & Accepted Payment

Psychotherapy, Rolfing & Somatic Experiencing

Introductory Session
$150 - 1 hour

Psychotherapy Sessions
$120 - 1 hour
$150 - 75 minutes
$180 - 90 minutes

Rolfing & Somatic Experiencing

Kevin McCarthy, SEP, CAR

Introductory Session
$180 - 90 minutes

Introductory session includes interview and assessment for Rolfing or Somatic Experiencing.

Rolfing & Somatic Experiencing Sessions
$150 - Rolfing (75 minutes)
$150 - Somatic Experiencing (75 minutes)

About Our Fees

We don’t accept insurance. We are able to accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s), credit cards, checks and cash. Certain clients may be able to benefit from out of network provider benefits, if they have those for mental health. These benefits apply only to psychotherapy services. Somatic Experiencing and Rolfing are not covered by any insurance provider.

If the client chooses to pursue insurance reimbursement the client pays the provider the full amount of the session and seeks reimbursement from insurance company for whatever percentage is covered under their plan. 

The provider is happy to provide appropriate receipts necessary to utilize this benefit, but will not communicate or coordinate directly with insurance companies. The onus is on the client to find out if they have this benefit, what information the insurance company needs from the provider and to seek reimbursement directly from the insurance company for out of network provider benefits.