Trusted Methods, New Understanding

Why Bodywork at Mend?

Our experience of the world comes from the body. Yet it is our brain’s perception of the world that shapes our response to it. Healing trauma and chronic pain demands change in both. That is why at Mend we offer bodywork that complements and supports our psychotherapeutic offerings, allowing bodies to change so minds can heal.

Bodywork that starts with the mind

Our skillful bodyworkers are trained to see the relationship between mind and body and to use this knowledge in the formation of unique and effective treatment strategies for the wide variety of complaints our clients bring to us. 

Our unusually successful methods for working with chronic pain - low back, neck, joint and muscle pain — as well as other complex musculoskeletal issues allow us to help people heal and learn the skills they need to stay healthy. Bodywork also functions as an important adjunct to both our somatic and psychotherapeutic offerings by bringing people back into healthy communication with their own spectrum of sensation, structure and function.

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing® Structural Integration, is a system of hands-on bodywork that emphasizes the role of relationship in the body and the possibility of lasting change.

Rolfing touch is slow, intelligent and responsive and ranges from light to deep pressure. Rolfing at Mend is NOT the painful experience many people associate with Rolfing. The entire process is collaborative and guided by our principles that change comes from creating space for safe, calm and effective engagement.

Working with Chronic Pain

We specialize in working with people suffering from chronic pain and pain of non-medically-diagnosable origin. We find great success working with people considering or recovering from surgery, people with complicated medical histories and those suffering from autoimmune disorders. 

We offer unique perspectives that recognize the impact of trauma on the etiology of numerous disorders such as fibromyalgia, CRPS and other syndromal disorders such as migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, inflammatory bowel disorders, thyroid and hormonal imbalances and recovery from traumatic brain injury (TBI).