Integrating Body & Mind

Our Approach to Psychotherapy

Mend psychotherapists understand that mental health is more than symptoms and diagnoses. Where modern psychotherapy can get lost in endless and unhelpful categorization of problems, our trained Marriage and Family Therapists see and understand the relational and systematic nature of the kinds of life challenges faced by individuals, couples, and families..

working at the root of the problem

As trauma specialists, Mend therapists understand that good mental health depends on building the capacity to find support, safety and connection in yourself and your life.

Our therapists utilize the gold standard of current trauma treatments including EMDR and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy. They are trained in the latest understanding of the nervous system and the role it plays in helping individuals, couples and families with trauma find health both in themselves and in their relationships.

Be Heard

Through in-depth collaboration with Mend’s somatic and bodywork practitioners, Mend psychotherapists are able to coordinate care of the mind with care of the body in unique ways that offer their clients the best possible means to heal and feel truly whole.

People who have experienced trauma need some of what everyone needs out of psychotherapy: they need their story to be heard, witnessed and understood, they need support in making meaning out of the pain they have experienced and they need a safe, supportive, and non-judgemental environment where they can come to accept and love themselves just as they are.