What People are Saying

Somatic Work with Kevin

The somatic work I did with Kevin brought me back into my body after multiple traumas. I worked with a lot of extremely accomplished and well-recommended therapists over many years hoping to accomplish what 12 weekly sessions with Kevin actually did.

— Ruby R.

Working with Carrie

Carrie Miller is compassionate in her work and in her life. She is down to earth, and her ability to connect with people of all ages and from all walks of life is inspiring. Her fun and caring spirit is uplifting, and she puts her heart into everything she does. I've had the privilege of knowing Carrie as a friend and a colleague and would recommend her services to anyone I know. She is a bright light in this world.

— Sara U.

Working With Jessica

Jessica helped us (really saved us) get through the preschool phase. Our daughter’s behavior had become disruptive to daily life. Jessica helped us to understand so much about our daughter and really ourselves. She gave us the language, skills, and tools to parent our daughter in ways that bridged the emotional gap and the communication gap that can happen between an adult and a child. Jessica was extremely patient with us as some of the skills were new and took some time to accomplish. Every week she would model, and then have us practice. At this point, it comes more natural, and it feels like I have a magic wand or magic card! We are able to help our daughter to express her emotions rather than just react using the techniques we learned from Jessica. We are forever grateful to her." 

— Michelle

Working with Amanda

Amanda is one of the most comforting souls you will come across. I would highly recommend going to see her! I can’t wait to go back for my next session.

— Jess B.

At every stage of our work together, Amanda allowed me to be active participant. She always remained strongly compassionate, responsive, and curious.

— Sara

Working with Family

I often recommend Kevin to family and friends as he is gifted at navigating through the rocky and often unexplored areas of trauma that live in the body. Kevin's presence, patience and skill supported me to permanently resolve some of the undigested trauma that I had experienced. Not soon after, my teenage daughter began to see him and continues to do so as she knows him to be someone who she can trust, talk to and find support for her anxiety. Hippocrates stated that "Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity." For me, Kevin was one of those opportunities.

— Anne M.


As a Somatic Experiencing® practitioner, Kevin McCarthy, offers a lifeline to heal from trauma. When I was ready to fully process my own, ‘#MeToo’ moment from decades ago, Kevin’s grounding male energy met me where I was at. The profound shifts I experienced in a short period of time are a testament to his innate ability as a healer.  Kevin holds space for processing past trauma and gently guides you back to the here and now.  

— Beth D.


What I find most comforting and what connects me with Kevin the most…trust.  I have complete trust with him and in him. He doesn’t judge, doesn’t disengage, doesn’t disrespect; he connects the dots, keeps digging to help, he shows the utmost respect and respects my boundaries. He does what he can with his knowledge and experience to clean up the blockages and provide me with a healthier pathway in its place.

— Brian D.

Chronic Pain

About 5 years after I herniated two discs in my lower back I was still in a tremendous amount of pain. Regular chiropractic care and periodic physical therapy has helped…somewhat. I had frequent and severe flair ups that limited my life and made me feel hopeless. In desperation, I decided to follow a friend’s suggestion and see Kevin.

I could never have expected how that would change my life. With Kevin’s help, I learned about my strong mind-body connection. I discovered how my mind used pain as a way to communicate with me…even to protect and help me. I learned I could tell my mind that I would listen to it and that it didn’t need to communicate through pain anymore.

Not only did my lower back pain miraculously go away, but so did my migraine headaches that I suffered from since I was five years old.

Here I am, six years later, a different person. I’m so glad I decided to given it a try. -

— Erika R.


I suffered chronic, habitual stress and abuse in childhood. I had spent years in therapy often coupled with EMDR. I had seen a lot of progress in myself, but felt on a nonverbal level that there was still work to be done. Kevin’s work with me is not only gentle and reassuring, but deeply transformative. I am becoming someone I have longed to be even though it is hard to express in words. I actually feel, for the first time, that I am significantly changing, in a good way, which gives me hope. Before Kevin, I had tools. Since seeing Kevin, I feel like I just am different. It’s like I am finally feeling safe coming home to myself.

— Grace H.

The Body-Centered Method

My sessions with Kevin have been incredible. I have done traditional psychotherapy to manage past trauma and the work with Kevin feels like the last piece of the puzzle. As a therapist myself, I have been so fascinated to see the kind of progress that can be made using his body-centered method.  In addition, Kevin is such a pleasure to work with—his gentle approach, humor, and collaborative style immediately put me at ease and made our time together enjoyable as well as effective. I always left our sessions with some new insight or awareness. Thank you!

— M. I.

For Performance

I came to Kevin knowing that I had worked through past trauma quite extensively, but still felt "stuck" in my body, like it hadn't gotten the full message that my brain could now understand. I wanted my recovery and growth to be full-bodied, especially since I am a performer. I especially wanted to find a new, open connection between my solar plexus and my voice. Kevin and I did a series of Rolfing® and somatic work that led to me releasing some emotional detritus, as well as finding a more fluid and full breath. That "stuck" feeling is gone, and if it reappears, my body knows how to get back to center. Kevin is immensely intuitive, inquisitive and supportive. He searches rather than imposes, while at the same time having a presence that is comforting and confident. I always feel safe to explore my authenticity with his guidance. 

— Andrea W.


I approached Kevin because I was looking for someone who would work with me to integrate my body's inner experience of trauma. I had learned that after enduring a forceps delivery, lack of attachment in childhood and other challenges passed on epigenetically, there was plenty to work on.

Kevin's amazing intuitive abilities have helped me transform my life. Because of our work together, everyday challenges and  circumstances that might have thrown me for a loop for weeks no longer have that power. My rebound time is a matter of days or hours, and the depth of the impact is less and less as time goes by. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Kevin to anyone looking for relief from a nervous system set on "stun", a lifetime of anxiety, depression and difficult relationships with no clear source to point to.

— Deb S.

Trust over time

I've known Carrie for about 7 years. I am very grateful to still have her in my life. I have always found Carrie to be a joyful, caring person. She's trustworthy,  reliable, always there when I need her, and has helped me in so many ways. Carrie has a great connection with people and she also has great connections to a variety of resources. She puts a lot of love into her work and is such a nurturer. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking support. 

-Lashawnda W.

Panic Attacks

In January of 2018 I started having several panic attacks per day. My usual stress coping mechanisms weren't working. My therapist suggested I try SE™ therapy, which brought me to Kevin and I am so very thankful to have worked with him. Kevin worked with me to dramatically reduce the number of panic attacks (they're every once in a while now, not several times a day) and teach me new skills to help my body not behave like the house is on fire. Kevin is warm, compassionate and fun to work with. His estimate of the number of sessions required to help me was spot on. I don't trust people easily, but I trust Kevin McCarthy completely and highly recommend him for SE™ therapy.

— Elizabeth B.

Highly Recommended

I worked with Kevin for about 10 sessions at a transitional time in my life and found our work together very helpful in moving me toward a satisfactory resolution of several old issues and acquiring renewed energy for moving in new directions. I found Kevin to be empathetic, intuitive, and wise. I highly recommend him.

— Beth S.

Working with Teens 

Carrie’s so authentic! She’s friendly and thoughtful of others. I can't just use one word to describe her. She's beyond any person I could imagine. I'd put my life in her hands. She's amazing!

— Teen Client 

Working with Kids

Jessica spent a number of weeks with my wife and I, along with our 2 children. We had reached out to her asking for help with our youngest daughter who was struggling in school and at home, and my wife and I wanted to make sure we had a better understanding of what we could do to help our daughter get through these struggles.

Immediately, Jessica reminded us that there was ‘nothing wrong’ and that we just needed to take a different look at what we were seeing. It didn’t take long before my wife and I gained some tools that we would find ourselves still using today.

The amazing part of meeting with Jessica each week was watching her go through her process and methodically walk us through options on how to respond when my wife and I became frustrated and lost. By the end of the process, we were much better at identifying what was bothering our daughter and which tool to use to diffuse the situation.

— Michael R.


I was in my early 50’s and was increasingly experiencing pain and reduced range of motion in my hip and pelvis. I had developed a distinct limp and needed a cane to walk. It was getting harder to exercise, I was putting on weight and the pain was waking me up at night.

I tried everything for relief… doing yoga and Pilates, seeing personal trainers, massage therapists and lot and lots of chiropractors… with minimal effect. A friend recommended I see a Rolfer™, and after looking it up to see what that even was, I ended up in Kevin McCarthy’s office the next day, not knowing what to expect. What I found in Kevin was an experienced observer, a gifted listener and a skilled healer, whose calm demeanor, deep experience and strong hands imbued a confidence that his touch would heal.

While his treatments immediately lessened the pain, within a few visits it became obvious that my range of motion wasn’t getting better. After a visit to an orthopedic surgeon, I learned that my hip was bone on bone, without the cartilage needed to reduce friction, and required a hip replacement. I became determined to become as strong and healthy as I could going into this procedure so I would have the best possible outcome. So, I continued to see Kevin a couple of times a month right up to the surgery.

3 weeks after I received my new hip, I was able to walk the 2 miles to Kevin’s office for an appointment. While I may have had a new hip, my hip muscles still need straightening & strengthening, and my whole body had to re-learn how to move correctly and walk without a limp. I needed to learn how to trust my body once again.

It’s been 5 years since I first met Kevin McCarthy, and I’m so glad I took a chance on something I didn’t know very much about. Thanks to his listening, observing, experience and treatment skills, he’s helped me safely get the most from my new hip. I’m in the best physical condition of my adult life. My weight is normal and remains so because of my active lifestyle. I exercise several times a week and include regular weight training. I can walk several miles a day around the lakes in my neighborhood, hike in the mountains and have even given rock climbing a go. And, I’m able to keep up with my 1 year old grandson. 

I now only see Kevin 2 to 3 times a year as a tune-up. He listens, looks carefully to make sure everything’s still aligned and makes minor adjustments as necessary to ensure everything’s operating at its best. Thanks to Kevin helping provide some relief from my initial pain and assisting me in getting my body in the best shape it could be in before my surgery, I was able to recover quickly. With his care, attentiveness and skill in helping me learn to safely use my hip to its optimal effect, Kevin McCarthy has immeasurably improved my quality of life

So now, whenever someone mentions to me that they’re in some physical pain, be it shoulders, hip, feet or whatever, I always say the same thing… “I have someone you need to meet!”

— Sue S.

Professional Recommendations

Kevin is a phenomenal body worker and listener!

He has a way about him that lets both your mind and body feel safe to let go and absorb his work and guidance. I highly recommend his work to my patients and feel grateful to receive his care as well. Go see Kevin!

— Kennedy Sharp - Selby Acupuncture

Gentle & Effective Release of Trauma

Trauma can be healed and Kevin’s methods for releasing trauma from the body are gentle and effective. He has a presence that is highly attentive, wise, intuitive and skillful. I understand that women (and men too) may shy away from working with a male practitioner, but interestingly enough, it can be part of the healing. Kevin is an adoring father to two young children, a loving partner to his wife Carrie and has very comforting energy to be around. He’s passionate about studying his craft so he can offer excellent results. Exploring old, past hurts can be uncomfortable, but Kevin’s savvy and tenderness with emotions makes the process much easier.

— Maggie Christopher — Holistic Nutrition Therapy