Trauma-sensitive Yoga

6-Week Healing Practice

Offered a few times throughout the year. Visit Workshops & Support for availability.

Each Yoga Workshop includes two Monday night talks and six Wednesday evenings of Yoga. The goal of the Monday night sessions is to increase understanding of trauma, the activation cycle, how to work with this effectively on the yoga mat, and how to fully utilize the support provided through this experience.

Trauma-Specific Support

Have you ever collapsed into tears in a yoga class, or felt your heart beat out of your chest for no apparent reason? 

This is common for anyone who has trauma held in their body. While a natural part of any embodied practice, in the group setting of a yoga class, there is rarely the privacy, safety or time to stay with, learn from and integrate these kinds of experiences.

Trauma-sensitive yoga is a class built to contain these kind of experiences in a safe and supported atmosphere. 


Trauma limits both the ability and the desire to feel sensation in the body. To heal from trauma, we must expand our ability to feel

A trauma-sensitive yoga class allows one to naturally encounter the feelings of tension and stretch, twist and reach, discomfort and release, in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Our trauma-informed yoga instructors have the skills to lead people gently into this healing experience. By allowing rather than restricting feeling, trauma-sensitive yoga offers an invitation to become more comfortable in your body and to feel more fully human and present in the world.