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Postpartum Support Group

2019 Groups Begin
March, May, September


Monday Afternoons
March (Date TBD)


$120 per 6-week group

Postpartum Trauma Support

Our Postpartum Trauma Support Group is an opportunity to come together in support with other women who have experienced trauma either in the birth and labor process, or postpartum due to complications for self or baby during or after birth. 

There is often an inability for the people in our lives who have not experienced difficulty around birth to know how to be there for us when something goes wrong. Desires to communicate with others about the challenges in this arena are often invalidated and shut down. People who have historically been there for us emotionally may not know how to help or understand what we are going through.

This group is the antidote to the sense of isolation and aloneness that can result. Our group is a safe space for women to express all the complicated feelings and strong emotions that come with such an intensity of experience. Come and be held.


Postpartum Trauma Support Group

Please call 612.254.1626 or fill out the form to register. You will receive an email within a few days to answer questions and provide additional information on payment and details about the group.

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