Intro to Trauma-
Sensitive Meditation

4-Week Healing Practice

Offered a few times throughout the year. Visit Workshops & Support for availability.


Meditation and mindfulness is an essential skill for practicing the kind of awareness that allows for meaningful and successful therapy. However, for people with trauma, meditation can trigger symptoms that are unwelcome and potentially harmful.

Most people cope with traumatic experiences by finding ways to divert themselves from feelings that, at the time they occurred, were too overwhelming to feel. When we sit and breath in meditation, we often begin to break down some of the coping skills that have kept those overwhelming feelings at bay.


The keys to a successful meditation practice for individuals who have experienced trauma are:

  1. An awareness that trauma exists in their system. 

  2. A safe place in the body and/or mind to fall back on when trauma symptoms emerge.

  3. Good communication with a person of trust.

  4. A practice that is adaptable to one’s current needs.

Just because meditation can be difficult for people who have experienced trauma does not mean that it can’t be an important and useful tool for healing. 

At Mend Therapy we teach people with trauma to practice meditation with the confidence and safety they need to make the best possible use of this powerful tool in their own healing practices.

We offer regular drop-in meditation (link to Meditation Weekly Drop-In) sessions as well as an Introduction to Trauma-sensitive Meditation (Link to Workshops & Events) class for anyone looking to learn more about working with trauma through mindfulness and meditation.